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These sites contain many different types of information about the solar system and our world around us.  See what you can "dig" up!

This site allows you to read chapter summaries and online quizzes that go along with the lessons we study in class:

McGraw-Hill Science

The Solar System

Kids' Astronomy

Star Child

Solar System Simulator

The Nine Planets

Science Monster Solar System

Stanford Solar Center for Kids

NASA Kids Web Site

NASA Space Place


Rocks and Minerals

Rocks and Minerals

The Rock Cycle

The Dirt on Soil



Thomas Edison's Home Page

Early Light Bulbs and Other Electrical Marvels

The Adventure of Science Bob!

Electrical Conductors

Electricity and Magnetism




Snow and Snowflakes

Learn about Snow

Snowflake Photographs

Watching Snowflakes Grow - a movie

All About Snow

Make and Cut Out Your Own Snowflake

The Snowflake Man

What are Glaciers? - a movie

Earthquakes and Volcanoes

What Causes Volcanoes? - a movie

Earthquakes for Kids


Volcano Dictionary

Life Science



Facts about Animals

Let's Talk About Insects (a movie)

Living Things

Take a Walk in the Woods (a movie)

The Great Plant Escape

Trees Are Terrific (a movie)


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