Parade Fun

      The very first parade I ever rode in was back in 1977. Cathy, her daughter Lianne, and I decided we'd ride in the annual Broomcorn Festival Parade which is held in Arcola each September. Back before one could buy colored reins, I decided to put my braiding skills to work that I'd learned back at Pere Marquette Camp at Grafton, IL from my grade school days. So I made 3 sets of reins and sewed 3 western yoked blouses. What we didn't realize was the fact that yarn reins tend to "give", leaving us limited control. Thanks to well-behaved horses, we accomplished that very first parade with ease!

     These days, our group (sometimes referred to as "The Greenhorns" among other monikers) is organized by Parade Chairlady "Slim". She has written out more parade entry forms than recipe cards! With the exception of the last 2 Raggedy Ann Parades, all costumes have been original. Due to Slim's expertise, anything which glitters finds its way into her shopping cart and onto our horses. Needless to say, we're hard to miss coming down the parade routes!

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