Chief - Dan Crosby
      P.O. Box 1619 New Caney, Texas 77357

 Texas Gulf Coast Cherokees and Associated Bands is a
nonprofit Native American cultural organization whose members are
dedicated to the study and education of both the public and members of
their cultural Native American heritage, crafts, genealogy, history,
language, arts, and customs. We have a structural council patterned
after the original seven clans as it once existed. Our members are of
Cherokee and other tribal ancestral backgrounds. We are active in the
Native American community and have close ties to the Western Cherokee
nation politically and through the sale of crafts made by Cherokees of
Oklahoma in our Craft Store. We have an Elders Society, A Women's
Society and a Warriors Society, all of which actively function in
developing and preserving our culture. Membership is limited to those
whose names are on existing Indian rolls, although it is not necessary
to have documented it. We are not interested in either State or Federal
recognition, but actively seek a place to have a Native American
Cultural Center one day where all Native Americans can gather in Texas
to further the study of our Native American Culture as aforementioned.
      The treaty of Bird's Fort which was ratified shortly before Texas
became a state, declared our right to exist peacefully in this land.
Although the state of Texas officially denies out existence within its'
borders today, we declare that we do exist and never left. We were
recognized by the state of Texas at the ratification of that treaty,
although they will not publicly admit it today. Native Americans number
65,000 in this state as of 1990..and this is those who have BIA numbers.
More of us exist who are not enrolled whose ancestors did not register
on an Indian census, choosing to hide in order to own land, keep our
children, and remain in Texas.

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 The Texas Gulf Coast Cherokee's are actively seeking new members.  For more information contact First Woman Leader Pat Poland via E-mail.