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Yes XP Policy enforcements that come with XP Pro NOW! for the Home version. Edit policies for each individual user on your machine. Set up default policy that affects all new users created on your PC. All this in one simple program.

Yes the majority of them do work on XP Home and I'm investigating what doesn't. I had this idea to make this after visiting another site researching a policy for my tweaking program. I realized very soon that I needed more information on things cause his information lacked what I needed and emailed and asked if he would like to help out and never got a reply so I just got everything myself. Not all things will be usefull to everyone but there are some good things that can be done by everyone as a user with Administrator rights on a Home version PC if they want to tighten their PC policies or block certain people or children from certain things. MS should have included these things with the Home version or at least the security stuff.

(Still in Testing / Development version 0.9.6 )
Its getting there and I'm sure it will be released soon. I see other people making similar apps but I don't think they will have everything I'm including.
If there was any interest I might release it Beta to some. Let me know. It may work on Pro also and I may test when I have time.