maxXPsoft Software for XP / Vista / Seven

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XP Tweaking System for Home or Pro
My main application.
Still in development since day 2 after XP came out. I keep adding more and more and never find a stopping point. It was really pretty complete over a year ago but I lost everything in an accidental format of my hard drive. I quit working on it for quite awhile then restarted from scratch early 2003.

My very first copy of XP on the day it became available I thought wow this is so much better than any previous Win version. Definitely worth the upgrade so don't listen to those Goobers that say it isn't. I also soon noticed that certain things needed 'Tweaking and Tuning' and some things were just plain sluggish. It was time to get under the hood and fiddle with
the knobs as I have done with every Windows system back to Win 3.1 Dos 6, when I could actually afford a Home PC.

My PC experience goes further back and we still run Dos 3.0 on some things where I work, including various configuration of many types of software and OS's.

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