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If you own a home in The Woodlands - Conroe area of southeast Texas, the summer heat can be one of your greatest enemies. Taking a few simple steps to maintain your air conditioning system can go a long way towards protecting your home and your family from the heat.
Change your return air filter once a month. Clogged filters restrict air flow which can keep your air conditioner from cooling properly.
Cut back any shrubs or tall grass which have grown around your outside condenser unit. Vegetation can restrict the airflow around the unit and reduce its cooling ability.
Eradicate any ant mounds close to your outside condenser unit. Ants can infiltrate your unit and cause it to shut down.
Avoid piling boxes around the air handler in your attic. Your equipment needs unrestricted airflow to function at its best.
Make sure your attic is well ventilated and consider having an attic fan installed. The less heat your air conditioner has to fight in your attic, the more effectively and efficiently it can cool your house.
If your outside condenser unit is exposed to full sunlight most of the day, plant a shade tree nearby. Your unit will not have to work as hard. Avoid pine trees and deciduous trees which will clutter up the condenser with pine needles or leaves.
In the winter, pick a warm afternoon once or twice a month and turn the thermostat down so that your air conditioner runs for about fifteen minutes. Running your system periodically helps maintain the viscosity of the lubricants it uses.
Have your air conditioner inspected each spring by a qualified technician to reduce the risk of your system breaking down at the height of the summer. Ask the technician to treat your ac drains with an algaecide to keep algae from clogging your drainlines.



Dead Trees Woodlands Power Outages Can Be Hard On Air Conditioners -
September 12, 2012 - Last year neighborhoods in The Woodlands served by CenterPoint, suffered frequent power outages when summer temperatures hit the triple-digits. This year, power outages are again a problem, this time due too many of the trees which died in last year's drought.

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Best Seller List
Rheem 14AJM Condenser - With its 14.5 to 16 SEER Rating, the Rheem AJM14Series Condenser can overcome the hottest Texas Gulf Coast summers. Utilizing R410A Refrigerant, the Rheem 14AJM Condenser will keep your home cool and comfortable day and night. Air conditioners which use R410A Refrigerant (often referred to by the trade name Puron) are much more efficient than their R22 (Freon) predecessors. The Rheem 14AJM Condenser is especially prized for the degree to which it reduces humidity in your home. [more]
Rheem 13AJN Condenser - Like the Rheem 14AJM Condenser, the Rheem 13AJN Condenser uses R410A Refrigerant (Puron) and will impress homeowners switching over from R22 Refrigerant (Freon) with its higher efficiency. The Rheem 13AJN Condenser comes with a slightly lower pricetag than the Rheem 14AJM. With its 13 SEER Efficiency Rating, the Rheem 13AJN Condenser will use a bit more electricity to cool your home than the Rheem 14AJM. If you are planning to sell or rent out your house within the next couple of years, [more]
Aspen BHA32 Horizontal Slab Evaporator Coil - The beauty of the Aspen BHA32 Horizontal Slab Evaporator Coil is that it can work with an R22-based or R410A-based condenser. If you have an R22 Condenser and your current evaporator coil goes out, a new Aspen BHA32 Evaporator Coil will operate with your existing condenser. When your condenser reaches the end of its lifespan and you make the transition to R410A equipment, your air conditioning contractor can convert your Aspen BHA32 Evaporator Coil to operate with R410A refrigerant [more]
Honeywell Media Filter According to the EPA,indoor air pollutants are, on average, two to five times higher than outdoor air pollutants. Respiratory infections, allergies, and asthma can all be aggravated by indoor pollutants. In fact, this problem has become so common in American homes and places of businesses, environmentalists have coined the term Sick Building Syndrome to describe it. While disposable pleated filters will capture more particles than standard disposable filters, overly efficient pleated filters can work against your cooling and heating system by restricting airflow to the units. If a high efficiency filter starves your unit for air, performance and efficiency will decrease. One of the best weapons at a homeowners' disposal to fight indoor airborne pollutants is a media filter. [more]


Why ACU Air?

Family owned and operated, ACU Air Heating and Air Conditioning has been serving The Woodlands, Spring, Conroe, Magnolia, and Montgomery area since 1998. We pride ourselves on our reliable, honest service. If your air conditioner or heater is not working properly, our skilled technicians will troubleshoot it, identify the problem, and explain your options for repairing your equipment.

When the time comes to replace your equipment, we will not pressure you to buy the newest, most expensive air conditioner on the market, but will help you to identify which brand and model best meet your budget and your needs.

ACU Air is licensed with the State of Texas and is insured by State Farm. Our technicians are EPA certified and follow environmentally sound procedures which include recovering and recycling refrigerant and recycling copper and scrap metal old units.

Nearly all of ACU Air Heating and Air Conditioning's business comes from customer referrals. If you live in our service area and would like to placed on our mailing list to receive announcements of our seasonal specials, coupons, and instant rebates, give us a call or send us an e-mail.


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