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Photo Courtesy of the Animal Pictures Archive

Meet the Species Woodlands Wildlife Quiz
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Meet the Species



Woodlands Wildlife Quiz

  1. What local bird has a repetoire of 27 different songs and can immitate a cat? Answer
  2. What local mammal uses its tail as a blanket, an umbrella, and a shield? Answer
  3. What local mammal lived at the same time as the dinosaur and is nicknamed "the living fossil"? Answer
  4. What local wetland mammal is equally at home in salt water and fresh water? Answer
  5. What local bird can fly forwards, backwards, straight up, straight down, and upside down? Answer
  6. What local mammal swims by swallowing enough air to inflate its body to twice its normal size? Answer
  7. What local bird has a barbed tongue four times the length of its beak? Answer
  8. What local animal is immune to snake venom? Answer

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